Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snack Attack Yao Yai Island

Don't worry; I'm not dead. But I couldn't access my blog from China, and since leaving the airport in Thailand about 40 hours ago, we've been in a constant state of transit. First, we arrived at 2am at the airport and slept in a Smoking Room. It was empty and dark when we started, but by 5:15am the lights were on and there were like 20 people in there. I'm a pretty heavy sleeper, so I didn't wake up til the light got turned on. Anyway, we left the airport around 5:30am with numerous missions: to get my India visa (mission begun), to get some mean street food (mission accomplished), to avoid taxis who overcharge (mission vehemently accepted and accomplished), and to get all the way from Bangkok to Yao Yai Island (mission accomplished, ending in the warm, rewarding ocean).

To get there:
Walked all the way across downtown Bangkok for about 8 hours
Took an overnight train (supposed to be 11 hours but actually was 13) to Surat Thani
Took a 4-hour bus ride toward Phuket
Took a semi-private "bus," powered by a motorcycle engine halfway to the ferry
Hitchhiked the rest of the way
Took the ferry to the island
Got picked up by a super friendly group of people in their rented truck who could tell that the taxis were trying to overcharge us
Got good advice about places to say
Got a bungalow with a mosquito net on the beach for pretty darn cheap
Jumped in the ocean

All in all, a good 40 hours!

More about China and pictures later! :)

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