Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snack Attack South Thailand

After our initial plunge into the ocean, we started enjoying island life. Everyone else staying at our resort was from Germany, and we made friends with a solo traveller named Marion. We watched sunrise and then decided to switch over to the little Yao island (Koh Yao Noi), which ironically has WAY more people. The pier was about 5 km away from our bungalow as the crow flies, and we were told about a shortcut. So we got on our packs, sunscreen and doorags to keep the sun off our necks and heads, and we started walking along the beach toward the pier. The staff tried to stop us, telling us we were crazy and that it was too far, but we just took off anyway. We saw what we thought was the shortcut, so we took it and made it through underbrush and through dried riverbeds, not really sure where we were going. finally, the dried riverbed started becoming wetter and wetter, until it was too wet and deep to cross. We basically got detoured back on to the beach we had just left, making our "shortcut" officially a "longcut." We eventually ended up at the pier and paid like $3USD to take a longboat over to Koh Yao Noi.

The people on Yao Noi were really friendly (except for one lady who refused to sell us food). We hitched a ride up to the bicycle rental shop where we got 2 basic bicycles. Our bungalow was right on the beach again, and there was a huge spider on Snack's bed. We were biking around the island the next morning when my chain fell off (and wouldn't go back on). I made my way back to the bicycle shop by coasting and doing this half-running, half-coasting thing. I'm sure it looked really awkward, but it was effective.

We took the ferry over to Krabi where we bumped into my friend Karl and his pregnant wife Mikkin. It was wonderful to see them and to eat delicious, cheap Thai food with them (Pad Thai, Pad Se Yu, banana shakes, nutella rotees). We met a bunch of their friends who were also vacationing there, and we played cards every night at the Starbucks. Don't judge; it had AC.

We took a Thai cooking class with a Swedish guy named Martin where we made 7 courses each. Each course had 3 options, so we made (and ate) one of everything. We were very full at the end, but we got to keep a cookbook. I hope to try to duplicate them once I get home.

Our big beach day was spent kayaking out to Poda Island, where we did some snorkeling and rock climbing. From the kayak we could reach a knotted rope that led up to a very jagged rock face that was perfect for bouldering, and if one fell, they fell into water. Just a gorgeous day!

On our last day in Krabi, we rented a motorcycle to explore the area. We climbed 1237 steps to get to a temple on top of a mountain (where there were loads of monkeys), and we saw some nice waterfalls and rapids (where Snack stubbed his already-injured toe pretty badly).

I didn't want to leave, but we had a flight to catch. We grabbed the overnight bus to Bangkok, saw a great market where we got interesting food, and made our way to the airport like the locals do on a public bus, which cost like $1USD. Take that, overpriced taxi drivers!

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  1. Amazing cliffs! Hope you're having a great time.