Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snack Attack Shenzhen and its Parks

It was nice to be in Shenzhen, staying at my friend Todd's place. 3rd floor balcony, overlooking Shekou bay. We explored the parks, where we saw lots of great wildlife and sculptures and whatnot. But we also saw lots of circles of men (usually older men) playing cards. We went to investigate, and I got asked to sit super close and learn the game. I had no idea what they were saying to me, but it felt like a very genuine Chinese experience. I was offered a drink, a smoke, and a chance to play (which I of course denied, since they were playing for money), but it was a game (I learned) very similar to up and down the river.

One day, Todd used me and my percussion skills as the guest clinician in his band and orchestra classes. It was quite fun but quite exhausting. We had lots of great street food, great company, and we ended our stay there with a 70-minute foot massage that cost around $4USD, in which our female masseuses could not stop giggling about an assortment of things really.

We cabbed to the airport to catch our 11:30pm flight to Bangkok, where we saw 7 or so workers cleaning the windows of the airport. Quite a whirlwind tour of China!

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  1. sooo interesting! it's so great to read your updates, jacky. i'm thinking about you! i miss you!