Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snack Attack Shanghai and its Art

I was surprised in Shanghai by the amount of art I saw, even art that was subversive and critical of the Chinese government. There was also some art that was modernizing ironically vintage Chinese art. There was also just some plain bizarre things, like 17 different statues of Mao in a fish tank at Kommune, the restaurant where we ate our first breakfast in the French Concession - a French Quarter-esque place in the heart of Shanghai.

There were lots of places where the ancient and the modern were practically touching each other. The city was getting ready to host the World Expo 2010, so there was LOADS of construction. Sidewalks being torn up; art museums closed; and the Bund (the main usually gorgeous riverfront walk in front of Shanghai's important and historic buildings) was completely being overhauled. We experienced lots of great street food, and we took the bus that locals take to the airport. We were quite proud of ourselves for finding it.

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