Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well, it took two all-nighters bookending my Night of Mayhem, but I packed for my trip, boxed up my entire room and stored my life's belongings on a bed frame in the basement and cleaned my room. Thanks to all who helped.
Well, I have successfully arrived at my first destination: New York City. I took the bus and the train to meet my friend and her boyfriend for a greasy breakfast and coffee. I saw a show about the founder of AfroBeat (Fela). I wandered around Times Square taking pictures of myself (I wish this were a joke). Starbucks. Dean & Deluca. I took the train to Jersey City. I complained about our incompetent server. And I watched the cat massage video ( Do you know that Letterman interviewed her? This thing needs to go viral, people!
Good friends, public transit and cheap beer. An all-around very New York-y day.

Today, my plan is yoga, pizzeria, another show, and drinking. A touristy day in New York, but that's okay. :)


  1. Jack!
    Looks like your trip is off to a great start, Hope you continue to have a blast!

  2. That video is AMAZING. You should probably try out some of those techniques on that cat in the above picture.

  3. where the FUCK are pictures with me?