Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jack Attack Melbourne Again



dirty penguin at night

Johan's van, "Karla"

Johan, Sanne, and I

Combination Boris Becker and Bjorn Borg

Well, it's gotta be kinda short and sweet tonight. My stay in Melbourne was amazing! My favorite part of the city is a place called Fitzroy; it's full of hipsters, bikers, vintage clothing shops, and cheap pizza. I met an amazing guy on CouchSurfing who hosted me for 5 nights, helped me find and fix up a used bike, took me dumpster diving, and took me to Gay Day in the Park. I got a 5-day Ground Pass to the Australian Open for only $99, and I got to see some really good action the first few days. I met a man from Sweden named Johan who was living in his van, but he was also hosting on CouchSurfing (his van sleeps 3 comfortably - see attached picture).

On the day of the women's semifinal matches, I went to an Op Shop (thrift store) and purchased a vintage junior wooden racquet, a headband, and super short white shorts (see attached picture) so that I could enter a Best Dressed Tennis Player contest. I ended up getting 2nd place to some old geyser wearing a suit, but I still ended up getting tickets to center court to watch the women's semifinals. I took Johan and his friend Sanne (Netherlands) with me and watched some amazing tennis - see attached picture again.

My days in Melbourne were spent watching heaps of tennis, meeting some really cool people, eating cheap pizza at Bimbo's Pizza ($4 every day), meetings some penguins at St. Kilda Bay, taking a Full Moon Bike Ride, doing a 60km bike ride through the countryside on Australia Day with one stop at a winery, and being an extra on an Australian TV show. All in all, a pretty good month.

Oh, and I went to a zoo. I would've rather seen them in the wild, but I didn't want to NOT see kangaroos and emus while in Australia, so...there you go!

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